In order for child's absence to be excused, you must call the school the day your child is absent or send a note the day your child returns to school. Your child may be excused for up to two days for illness; however, on the third day a doctor's note is required.

You may contact the office by phone @ 618.684.4471 or send an email to cchambers@mhs.org.

Bus Garage

General John A. Logan currently uses West Bus for student transportation to and from school. We require that you contact West Bus if you have any changes in your child's bus schedule with a 24 hour advance policy. After contacting West Bus please contact the school office to ensure that your child is placed on the correct bus.

To contact West Bus, please call 618.684.6911

PBIS Rewards DAy

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

The Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program is a proactive way to teach all students appropriate school behaviors. Students are taught school-wide expectations to Respect Yourself, Respect Others and Respect Property in settings throughout the building. Students that meet these expectations are recognized through bi-weekly celebrations that take place in the classroom and the entire school. Conversely, students who fail to meet the school wide behavior expectations are retaught appropriate school wide behaviors. Finally, through the PBIS program, behavior data is kept on all students in order to tailor interventions to best meet the educational needs of each student.

School Day

Students are considered late to school if they are not sitting in their seat when the bell rings at 8:30.

2015-2016 Building Management Plan

8 years ago

Student and Parent Informational Booklet


We welcome you to General John A. Logan Attendance Center.  We are a dedicated group of people that strive, on a daily basis, to meet your child’s unique social, emotional, and academic needs.  Even as state funding sources shrink, we will continue providing your child a safe, challenging, and nurturing place for them to grow.


The general intent of this building level document is to provide families with a broad overview of our daily practices and expectations. This is not an all-inclusive document and is subject to change as needs arise. If you have a more specific question please refer to the District #186 student handbook located on our district’s website or contact Mr. Lovel at llovel@mhs.org. We truly hope that each child loves their experience at GJAL.  We also hope that each parent feels that their child is being challenged in a safe and welcoming environment.


General Overview

General John A. Logan Attendance center was established in 2001.  There are approximately 510 kindergarten through fifth grade students in attendance.  The educational programming offered at General John A. Logan is challenging and centered on developing the whole child. Our foundational instructional offerings include a full spectrum of special educational placements, technology classes, physical education, and vocal music. Throughout the year, students are provided an opportunity to achieve recognition for their academic achievements.   Students that follow our daily behavioral expectations earn recognition and positive reinforcements through our building -wide positive behavioral support system or PBIS. 


The school is 66,000 square feet and is maintained by building custodial staff and district maintenance staff.   There is a full time social worker and student advocate to address both social and academic needs.  There is a speech pathologist on staff provide services to students who have deficiencies in speech and language development.  The reading room is staffed by a half-time reading specialist that provides additional support to K-2 students. The office has two full time secretaries to address parent needs throughout the day.  Lastly, the library is staffed by a full-time library aide that provides daily support to our reading efforts.


Contacts At Your Child’s School- 684-6061

  1. 1.Mrs. Christine Chambers- Attendance, Student Records, and General Assistance
  2. 2.Mrs. Linda Crain- Fees and General Assistance
  3. 3.Mrs. Durice Runge- Bus / Classroom Discipline Reporting and General Supervision
  4. 4.Mrs. Janet Terry- Textbooks, Workbooks, Library Fines, AR and General Library Services
  5. 5.Mrs. Kate Ripley- Homeless Liaison, Social Services, Counseling and Secondary PBIS
  6. 6.Mr. Madison Presswood- Academic Needs, Child Study Team Coordinator, Fastt Math Software Administrator and Truancy
  7. 7.Mrs. Angel Ray, Half-Time Reading Interventionist




School Times

Daily attendance is a key element to academic success at General John A. Logan Attendance Center.

School Opens at 7:30 a.m.

School Begins at 8:30 a.m.

School Ends at 3:11 p.m.


End of the Day

Our regular school day ends at 3:11 p.m.  Parents are highly discouraged from signing children out early because of the disruption caused to the child’s classroom. Students that are regularly signed out early will be considered unexcused.


Dismissal Times

Students that are parent pick -up will be dismissed at 3:05 p.m. 

Students that ride the bus and attend Latch Key will be dismissed at 3:11 p.m.


Morning Routine at GJAL

Each morning, students that ride the school bus will be dropped off at the east side of the building and enter the building through the gym.  Students can take part in our breakfast program or sit in their respective class lines in the gym. 


Students that are driven to school by parents/guardians are to be dropped off at the main doors which are located on the south side of the building.  Parents are asked to remain in their vehicles, patiently follow traffic flow and direct students to exit the vehicle on the passenger side.  Parents that wish to walk their child up to the building are not to park in the circle drive but rather park in the south parking lot.  As students enter the building, they can take part in the breakfast program or enter the gym and sit in their respective class lines.


School Closings

In cases of bad weather or district need, please listen to local radio and television stations for school closings. We will also activate the automated calling system to alert parents of school closings or early dismissals.



Students are highly encouraged to take part in our “free to all students” breakfast program. Students that eat in the cafeteria must leave their backpacks and coats in the gymnasium. Students are also encouraged to wash their hands before eating.


Tardy to School

Students that are not seated in their classrooms by 8:30 a.m. are considered tardy.  Tardiness is considered a classroom disruption and does negatively impact student achievement.  If tardiness becomes chronic (five or more tardies in a quarter) disciplinary action may be warranted. Students who are tardy to school will also be exempt from quarterly Perfect Attendance. If a pattern of tardies occurs, the student’s name will be referred to the truant officer at the Regional Office of Education. There is evidence-based research that proves tardiness to school negatively impacts student success in school and later in adult life. If any student meets the state’s definition of being truant, that child could be retained in the same grade level because of their absences from school.




Student Illness and Student Absences

To be excused, parents/guardians must notify school officials that their child is absent or ill.  Our number is 684-6061. If your child is not reported as absent by 9:00 a.m. your household will be contacted by phone to check on your child’s welfare.  If no reason is reported to school officials, the absence will be recorded as unexcused. If a student has three or more absences, the parent may be asked to supply a doctor’s note. See below.


Extended Illness

Students that are absent for three or more days must have a doctor’s note if the absences from school are to be recorded as excused by school officials.


Student Dress at GJAL

Students are encouraged to wear clothing that is comfortable, appropriate for the weather, of appropriate size, and age-appropriate.  Shoes must have non-marking soles.  Flip flops, cowboy boots, sandals, open toes shoe, etc. are highly discouraged. 


Additionally, in the event that a child soils their clothing, temporary clothing may be provided if appropriately sized clothing is available. 


Shoes for Physical Education

Students must have athletic or tennis shoes for physical education class.  If a student does not have athletic shoes for physical education class on a routine basis, the student’s grade in physical education class will be negatively impacted.


Forgotten Items at Home or Left on the Bus

Students that leave items at home will need to ask the office staff for assistance.  Our office staff will make the phone call home.  If items are left on the school bus, students will need to ask the office staff for assistance.  Our office staff will contact the bus garage.


After – School Plans

Students will not be allowed to use the phone to call home to arrange after-school activities.  After-school activities must be arranged before the student arrives at school.


Telephone Usage

Students will not be allowed to use the phone.  Our office staff will make all calls on behalf of our students.  Although many students now possess cellular phones, students are not permitted to use their cellular phones while on school property during regular school hours.


Cellular Phones at GJAL

Students are permitted to possess cellular or Smart phones but are not allowed to use cellular or Smart phones while on school property.  If a student possesses a cellular or Smart phone, the phone must be silenced/off, and be secured in their backpack or locker. Staff members will not take responsibility for lost or stolen cellular or Smart phones. Smart phones may be accessed during the day if under the direct guidance of the teacher with direct alignment with the classroom activity or lesson objective. If students violate this for any reason, their cellular or Smart phone privileges will be suspended or removed.


Furthermore, students are not permitted to access their cellular or Smart phone to contact parent/guardian/etc. about being ill or to report an incident at school.  Students are to speak with school staff members directly about illness or incidences during the school day.


Smart Phones

Our district is striving to address the educational value in possessing and using smart phones at school.  Currently, smart phones are governed by the same guidelines as cellular phones.  See above.


Nooks, Kindles, E-books, Apple Watches and IPADs

Electronic books or tablets are permitted at GJAL but each student who possesses an electronic book must take full responsibility for the device.  The student must secure the device in the classroom locker while at school. School officials and the school district will not take any responsibility for any lost, damaged, or stolen electronic books. Use of these items must be approved by the teacher and linked to the current classroom learning objective. Devices cannot be shared. If students do not follow these above guidelines, suspension or loss of privileges may occur.



Students will be issued textbooks by their homeroom teachers.  It is essential that each student take proper care of these loaned textbooks.  If a textbook is lost or damaged, the child’s parent/guardian will be held responsible for the cost of replacement. Monetary penalties or replacement costs will travel with the child through high school if the parent/guardian does not pay for the lost or damaged textbook.


Library Books

Students are highly encouraged to utilize the school’s library throughout the year.  The child’s parent/ guardian will be held responsible for any late fees or replacement costs for lost or damaged books. Monetary penalties or replacement costs will travel with the child through high school if the parent/guardian does not pay for the lost or damaged item.


Items That Are Not Permitted At School

Students are encouraged not to bring any item(s) that are disruptive or harmful to students or the classroom environment.  Students and parents/guardians are asked to leave the following items at home:

  1. Skateboards, roller skates, inline skates, Power Wings and the like;
  2. Playground balls, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, jump ropes, etc.;
  3. Video gaming /hand-held devices like PSP, Gameboy, etc. ;
  4. Trading cards of any subject or type;
  5. Animals for “show and tell.” Exclusions are service animals for documented specific learning needs as outline in case law decisions or state statutes;
  6. Toys of any kind unless written permission is given by the classroom teacher for “show and tell” or rewarded for good behavior;
  7. Any weapons, ammunition, knives, razors, or any non-clothing item associated with martial arts, bars, pipes, bats, etc.;
  8. Lighters, matches, grill lighters, fireworks, pops, smoke bombs, bottle rockets, etc.;
  9. Any items that contain nudity- including books of the arts (deemed not age-appropriate for a K-5 building by the administrator);
  10. Publications of anime that is sexually explicit or has revealing body images;
  11. Alcoholic beverages, drugs, look-alike substances, banned substances, prescription drugs not prescribed to the student, paraphernalia, or items /clothing that portrays drug, tobacco or alcohol use;
  12. Tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff, pouches, pipe tobacco, hand-made cigarettes plug, cigars, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes /vapor devices;
  13. Any item that is also listed in the district parent/student handbook will also be prohibited at school.



Bullying, intimidation, and harassment diminish a student’s ability to learn and school’s ability to educate. Preventing students from engaging in these disruptive behaviors and providing all students equal access to a safe, non-hostile learning environment are important school goals. If you feel that a pattern of unwanted behavior is being directed at your child, please contact your child’s teacher, Mr. Presswood, Mrs. Ripley, or Mr. Lovel.  We are here to help your child so that they truly enjoy their elementary school experience. Additional guidelines can be obtained by reading section 6.40 of the district student handbook.


Bus Rides To and From School

Riding the bus to and from school is a privilege. Please refer to the district handbook for student conduct and safety guidelines. Safe passage to and from school is a high priority. Bus drivers, bus company staff and district staff members have high expectations for our students while riding the bus. Students that do not follow these guidelines may lose that privilege. If the privilege is suspended or lost, it becomes the responsibility of the child’s parent to arrange transportation to and from school.


Appropriate Snack/Treat/Holiday Treat Bag Items – NUT BASED SNACKS ARE NOT ALLOWED

We understand that birthday and holiday celebrations remain memorable moments for our students. Parents and guardians are encouraged to bring treats with nutritional value as treats to school. All snack items must be nut free.  All snack foods must be store bought or pre-packaged.  Soda and snacks with high levels of sugar are highly discouraged.  We ask that you inform your child’s teacher when and what you are bringing to the classroom 24 hours in advance by phone or e-mail.


Peanut, Tree Nut, and Other Food Allergies

Any student with a food allergy is highly encouraged to inform school officials, food service director and our school nurse of their most recent diagnosis.  Currently, our school is strongly discouraging snack foods with “peanuts or tree nut” in them to be brought to GJAL.  Students with peanut butter in their lunch must be sent to school in air tight containers and students must sit at the designated tables.  These guidelines may become more restrictive if warranted.  The safety of each student is a priority and we truly thank you for your efforts and support.



Students are encouraged to take full advantage of their recess time.  Students are given annual instructions about the playground, care for playground equipment, and what our expectations are for them while on the playground. Students that do not follow our behavioral expectations may lose part or all of their daily recess time.  Parents, please note that students “earn” recess time by meeting or exceeding our daily behavioral or academic expectations. Removing recess time is not ideal for students but it may become warranted if the student’s behavior is not aligned with our PRIDE expectations.




Physical Education

Students will take part in physical education class on a three day rotation.  Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability on a daily basis. Students that do not wear athletic shoes and that do not participate on a daily basis will negatively impact their overall grade. The goal of our physical education program is to have fun, expose children to a variety of concepts/games/skills, and instill in our students that staying physically fit is an essential component of staying healthy. 


Computer Access

All students will have access to computers throughout the year.  Our goal is to provide countless opportunities for students to learn using our district’s available technology. The district does have an acceptable use policy that all students and staff must agree to before computer access is granted.  Any student that does not follow our district’s computer usage policy may have their computer usage suspended or revoked. If the violation warrants, additional disciplinary actions may be sought.  


Please note that school authorities may require a student or his or her parent/guardian to provide a password or other related account information in order to gain access to the student’s account or profile on a social networking website if school authorities have reasonable cause to believe that a student’s account on a social networking site contains evidence that a student has violated a school disciplinary rule or procedure. Student handbook reference 7:140.


Vocal Music

Our district has a great tradition in music.  All students will attend vocal music class regularly throughout the year.  Attendance at after-school programs that are aligned with our vocal music program are not mandatory but highly encouraged. 


Lost and Found Items

Students are highly encouraged to label all personal items.  Clothing and other items that are not clearly labeled will be placed on the rack outside the music room.  At the end of each academic quarter, items that are not claimed by students will be donated to regional charities.


Medicine at School

All district guidelines outlining medications at school will be adhered to on a daily basis.  Students are not to hold, possess or distribute medicines /medications (prescription or over-the -counter) at school. Students that do have medications of any kind may be subject to significant disciplinary actions that include suspension or expulsion.  Medications at school and distribution of medications at school is a very serious matter. Please see the attached pages, at the end of this document, regarding medications at school.


Reading Specialist

Our district has a full- time reading specialist that is shared between two elementary schools.  The reading specialist provides additional supports for K-2 students that are not meeting specific grade level benchmarks in reading.  These additional supports are above and beyond the regular education teacher’s core reading instruction.



Tiered Instructional Supports

At GJAL, our students are given the AIMs and STAR universal screening tool three times a year.  The results of those reading assessments provide additional information about how a student is progressing in the areas of fluency and comprehension.  Tier I students are “on target” and require no additional support.  Tier II students are “below target” and may require additional support.  Tier III students are “well below target” and will require more intensive interventions.  Interventions selected and used target the area or standard that needs to be strengthened. Simply put, we will use all available resources and work diligently to close any academic gaps in core areas with your child.


Child Study Team Meetings

In the event that a child is not meeting specific grade level academic, social, or emotional benchmarks, parents will be invited to attend a formal child study team meeting.  Child Study Teams can be comprised of a child’s teacher, student advocate, social worker, special education teacher, reading specialist, parents/guardians, and principal.  A CST meeting will specifically identify areas of needed growth, a plan to address those identified areas of needed growth, a length of time for the interventions to be applied, and a date to meet again.  CST meetings strengthen lines of communication between school and home for the betterment of the child.


Special Education Eligibility

In the event that a child does not respond to interventions, additional academic or behavioral assessments may be given by a school psychologist from Tri-County Special Education Cooperative.  If your child is found eligible to receive special education services, an IEP or Individualized Learning Plan could be drafted.  GJAL faculty and support staff will provide additional information in the event that this process is needed.


504 Plans

If your child is diabetic or has a severe food allergy, a 504 plan may be drafted. All 504 plans are reviewed on a yearly basis.



Homework is used as a way for students to practice what they have learned in the classroom. Some teachers will assign readings to be completed at home to prepare students for the next day’s lesson. Homework assignments are not optional and are required to be completed before returning to school daily. The time requirements and the frequency of homework will vary based upon grade level, subject, and degree of difficulty.


There is evidenced- based research that proves that students that do not complete reading or homework assignments regularly do not perform as well as their peers.


Progress Reports and Quarterly Report Cards

Students will receive a progress report at the midway point of each quarter and a report card at the end of each quarter. The purpose of progress reports and report cards is to indicate a child’s current academic growth and development.  Our district has the following grading scale:

                                A                             90-100%

                                B                              80-89%

                                C                              70-79%

                                D                             60-69%

                                F                              0-59%
                                O                             Outstanding

                                S                              Satisfactory

                                I                               Needs Improvement

                                U                             Unsatisfactory

                                +                              Strength

  • Improvement Needed

N                             Not Taught                 


Kindergarten Report Cards

Kindergarten report cards are standards based and reflect the many aspects of the developing child.  As questions arise, please contact your child’s teacher(s) about the standards based report.


Kindergarten Report Card Scale

                                S                              Satisfactory

                                N                             Improvements Needed

                                (BLANK)                 Not Evaluated

                                U                             Unsatisfactory


Academic Promotion and Retention

Each child will be assessed based upon their own individual growth during the school year.  In the event that a child does not meet grade level academic expectations, the child’s academic progress will be reviewed by a child study team.  The child study team will review all aspects of the child’s strengths, needed growth areas, attendance patterns and determine the best course of action.  If a child fails (59% or below) one or more core subjects for the year, that child may be retained in the same grade for the following year.


Additionally, in the event that a child’s lack of daily attendance, mirrors the state’s definition of truant, that child may be retained in the same grade for the following year. Students that are on extended medical leave or are hospitalized are considered excused are excluded.


The parents of a retention candidate will have the right to request a meeting with the district’s hearing officer or accept the recommendation to retain.  The building principal will provide greater guidance to this process in the event a child does not meet the district’s guidelines for promotion to the next grade level. Please refer to district handbook for further information regarding promotion or retention.  


Honor and High Honor Roll for Grades 3rd -5th

Students in grades three, four and five can be eligible for Honor Roll if they receive A’s and B’s in the subjects of reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies. Students receiving all A’s in the subjects of reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies will be eligible for High Honor Roll.


No student will be eligible for Honor Roll or High Honor Roll if they receive a C in the subjects of reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies.


Eligibility for Extra-Curricular Activities

Students who compete on district sponsored extra-curricular activities must pass reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies with a “D” average or better to remain eligible to play. Eligibility lists are generated each Thursday at 4:00 p.m.  Suspension of play will run one week.





Homebound Instruction

A student who is absent or whose physician anticipates his or her absence from school for two or more weeks, or has ongoing intermittent absences because of a medical condition, may be eligible for homebound instruction. Please contact Mr. Lovel if your child meets the above criteria.



In the event that an issue arises, parents are asked to:

  1. First, contact your child’s teacher and further discuss your concern;
  2. If the issue continues, the parent is encouraged to contact the principal;
  3. If the issue continues, after meeting with the principal, parents are encouraged to contact the superintendent of the district at 684-3781.
  4. All complaints involving support staff members are to be directed to the principal.


Parent Volunteering at School/PTO

Parent involvement at GJAL is a vital part to our overall success.  Parents that want to volunteer in the classroom must first contact the teacher to determine need and available time frames. The volunteers are asked to complete the District Volunteer Form found in the District Handbook. Parents that wish to stay active in their child’s school are also encouraged to participate in our Parent -Teacher Organization.  Information about our PTO will be distributed throughout the year.


Visitors at School

Safety is a top priority. Our expectations for visitors are not meant to be rude or unfriendly. We ask all visitors to first visit the main office, inform the secretaries of their reason for being at school, and sign the register before entering the main hall.  Identification tags must be worn at all times.  No school – aged visitors (including past GJAL students) are allowed to visit the school during regular school hours only because of the disruption it causes to the classroom.  Thank you for your understanding.


Daily Announcements and Important Information

Parents can receive daily announcements through our school web site.  Monthly news and information can be obtained through our periodic school newsletters.


Additional Important Information

General John A. Logan Attendance Center and our district will often utilize the automated dialing system for mass communications.  Mass communications include:

  1. Emergency school closings;
  2. Important school event reminders;
  3. PTO information;
  4. Community event information;
  5. Any other information that is deemed important by school or district administration.


Parties and Classroom Celebrations

Holiday or seasonal parties are a tradition at GJAL.  Fall parties, winter parties, and Valentine’s Day parties are held annually.  Additional celebrations are aligned with our monthly PBIS activities.




Deliveries for Students at School

Deliveries to school are deemed disruptive to the classroom and therefore will not be accepted at school. We thank you for your cooperation in regards to this request.



Parents are asked to support our annual fund-raising efforts.  Annual fund-raisers are sponsored by our PTO and help provide funding for assemblies, PBIS activities, technology purchases, reading incentives, and much more.  When fund-raising activities are taking place, parents are asked to accompany their child.  We strive to significantly limit our fund-raising activities so not to burden our families. Please know that your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated.


PBIS/ PRIDE Positive Behavior Supports

Student behavioral expectations are outlined in our PRIDE/ Eagle Expectations guidelines.  These behaviors are covered at great length at the beginning of each school year and re-visited at key times throughout the year.  Students are rewarded for following our Eagle Expectations through SOAR awards, the weekly Bingo Board, and monthly PBIS activities.  The goal of these efforts is to positively support and reinforce appropriate student behaviors.


Unsuccessful--Unwanted Behaviors

Our school believes that there is a direct correlation between behavior and academic success.  In the event that a student does not follow our PRIDE Eagle Expectations, the following natural consequences can be assigned:

  1. Verbal warning or parent contact;
  2. Loss of privileges/bus privileges / and recess;
  3. ODR, or Office Discipline Referral;
  4. PACT or “lunch detention;”
  5. Time out in the office with Mr. Lovel, Mr. Presswood, or Miss Kate;
  6. Loss of Monthly PBIS Good Behavior Celebration;
  7. In-school suspension;
  8. Out of School Suspension


In-School Suspension

Students who serve an in-school suspension will be supervised by an adult during their time in the office, may lose participation points, and may receive zeros for missed assignments/tests.


Out of School Suspension

Students who are out of school suspended may not be on school grounds during the designated time frame of the out of school suspension.  Since being removed from school is the actually punishment, homework may be completed for a grade; however, students may not receive full credit or may lose class participation points.


Awards and Student Recognition

Students will take part in quarterly student recognition assemblies that follow the end of each quarter. Awards and accolades can be earned in academics, attendance, subject specific achievements, leadership and effort. Parents and guardians are welcomed and encouraged to attend quarterly assemblies. Awards given annually include:

                Perfect Attendance (k-5)

                Honor and High Honor Roll (Grades 3-5)

                Good Character (k-5)

                Achieving Eagle (k-5)

                Subject Specific Awards (Grades 3-5)

                Top Five Grade Level Readers (Grades 1-5)

                Principal Award (Grade 5)



Latch Key Program- A Murphysboro Park District Program

Latch Key programming allows K-5 students to be supervised, after-school, during regular attendance days. Students attending Latch Key are dismissed at 3:11 p.m. from their classrooms and report to the cafeteria. Additional information about fees, requirements, and times will be provided at the beginning of each school year.


Students Routinely Left Unattended After 3:30 p.m.

Any child that is left unattended at school after 3:30 p.m., three or more times in one quarter, will be sent directly to the Latch Key Program.  The parent or guardian will be billed a minimum of one hour for each time the child is sent to Latch Key. There is also an initial sign-up fee for the Latch Key program that will also be billed to the parent.  


If a “parent pick-up” child remains at GJAL after 4:00 p.m. will be considered “abandoned” and the Murphysboro Police Department and the Department and Children and Family Services may be contacted. Parents that left their child at GJAL can be then picked up at the Police Department.


Mandated Reporters

By law, all district #186 employees are mandated reporters and are bound to report any suspected abuse or neglect.  In the event that abuse or neglect is suspected, the DCFS Hotline will be called.


Asbestos Management

Community Unit School District #186 is in full compliance with the state and federal regulations regarding asbestos management in all district buildings. The public is invited to inspect the plan at any time during regular business hours at the District Office.




















These top ten expected student behaviors will be supported and revisited often by our faculty and staff throughout the school year. This list may be used during parent -teacher conference meetings to help guide productive conversations with parents and students as we strive to specifically target academic or behavioral needs/concerns.


  1. Daily Attendance: GJAL students are expected to come to school on time, each and every day, unless ill or under a doctor’s care;


  2. Possess A Positive “Can Do” Attitude: GJAL students are expected to have a positive “can do” attitude each and every day;


  3. Be Prepared: Every GJAL student is expected to organize and bring all school materials to class daily;


  4. Be a Hard Worker: GJAL students are expected to consistently complete all assignments and give 100% on a daily basis;


  5. Set Goals: Each student is expected to set obtainable academic and personal goals;


  6. Establish a Routine: Students are expected to create a homework and study routine at home;


  7. Ask for Help: Students are expected to ask for help and never fear the embarrassment of not knowing or having all the answers;


  8. Listen to Feedback: Students are expected to respectfully listen to teacher comments from assignments and learn from teacher feedback;


  9. Respect Others: GJAL students are expected to develop positive relationships with classmates and never criticize the efforts of others;


  10. Ownership: GJAL students are expected to take full responsibility for their own behaviors and academic growth;


*These listed expectations were developed from GJAL faculty members and from the late Stephen Covey.







I hereby have been given a copy of my child’s Building Management Plan which is in line with the District Parent/Student Handbook.  I understand that I have access to the District Parent/Student Handbook either on line or by my own request made to the building principal or secretary.

I understand that the Building Management Plan and the District Parent/Student Handbook may be amended during the year without notice.  This handbook in the latest version is applicable to all students upon the implementation of any change.  The administration will notify all parents and students in writing, where possible, of any changes to the handbook.


From the Parent/Guardian of:                   (1)________________________________








My signature below acknowledges receipt of the GJAL Building Management Plan and how to access the District Student Handbook for the 2015-2016 school year.



___________________________________                                   ________________________________

Signature of Parent or Guardian                                                                                Date



___________________________________                                   ________________________________

Signature of Student (middle or high school only)                                       Date




*After signing, please return this form to your child’s

homeroom teacher no later than ten school days after receiving this packet.




General John A. Logan Attendance Center

Field Trip Parent Permission Form





Throughout the school year, your child’s teacher may arrange a field trip, off -school property, for the following reasons:


  1. To expand upon topics covered in daily classroom instruction;
  2. To participate in an enriching learning opportunity;
  3. To expand upon their sense of community or citizenship;
  4. To reward your child for their outstanding academic achievements;
  5. To perform in a contest, activity, or event;
  6. To honor your child for Perfect Attendance.



These opportunities are both enriching and rewarding. Often, students are asked to complete an activity or are tested on content covered during the field trip.  Please read and sign the following statements.



I,_________________________________________(printed adult name), as legal guardian /parent / primary caregiver,  of ________________________(print child’s name) grant permission to the            General John A. Logan Attendance Center faculty to take my child off -campus for district approved field trips for the 2015-2016 school year.



_______________________________________________                                   ___________

(Legal guardian/Parent/Primary Caregiver Signature Above)                                             (Date)



*NOTE: Failure or refusal to sign and return this document to your child’s GJAL teacher by Labor Day or ten calendar days after receiving this packet of information may exclude your child from the field trip.


* NOTE: We will not contact parents or accept verbal permission for field trips.